Online dating secrets, as revealed by math majors

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Mathematician Hacks OKCupid to Find True Love

Anecdotally many mathematicians report a shared genealogy with Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler, born in The insight comes from an analysis of the Mathematics Genealogy Project MGP , which aims to connect all mathematicians, living and dead, into family trees on the basis of teacher—pupil lineages, in particular who an individual’s doctoral adviser was.

Since the early s, its organizers have mined information from university departments and from individuals who make submissions regarding themselves or people they know about. As of 25 August, the MGP contained , entries. As well as doctoral advisers PhD advisers in recent times and pupils of academic mathematicians, the organizers record details such as the university that awarded the doctorate.

Can you navigate the algorithms of dating apps? As a mathematician who is currently single, Bobby Seagull tries to show how maths can help.

The internet has made many things easier, including dating, allowing us to interact and connect with a plethora of new people—even those that were deemed unreachable just fifteen minutes beforehand. Christian Rudder, one of the founders of OKCupid, examines how an algorithm can be used to link two people and to examine their compatibility based on a series of questions.

As they answer more questions with similar answers, their compatibility increases. You may be asking yourself how we explain the components of human attraction in a way that a computer can understand it. Well, the number one component is research data. OKCupid collects data by asking users to answer questions: these questions can range from minuscule subjects like taste in movies or songs to major topics like religion or how many kids the other person desires.

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An internationally renowned department within one of the world’s most prestigious universities. The Mathematics department has a regular series of seminars and an active events programme, including the Departmental Colloquia. Find out more.

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Mathematics is the study of numbers , quantity , space , pattern , structure , and change. Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural science , engineering , medicine , and the social sciences. Applied mathematics , the branch of mathematics concerned with application of mathematical knowledge to other fields, inspires and makes use of new mathematical discoveries and sometimes leads to the development of entirely new mathematical disciplines, such as statistics and game theory.

Mathematicians also engage in pure mathematics , or mathematics for its own sake, without having any application in mind. There is no clear line separating pure and applied mathematics, and practical applications for what began as pure mathematics are often discovered. Selected article Selected picture Did you know The four color theorem states that given any plane separated into regions, such as a political map of the counties of a state, the regions may be colored using no more than four colors in such a way that no two adjacent regions receive the same color.


Although it seems as if mobile applications for online dating are mostly about connecting new people, the mathematics used behind the scenes is intriguing. What do we know about the algorithms used for these apps and what does the app know about us? And, more importantly, how is our online dating life influenced by this information? With the availability of online dating applications, it is getting more and more easy to meet and date new people.

For example, using Tinder, you can see the profiles of people around you.

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Unistats information for this course can be found at the bottom of the page. Please note that there may be no data available if the number of course participants is very small. This course brings together two of the most fundamental and widely-applicable intellectual skills. Mathematical knowledge and the ability to use it is the most important means of tackling quantifiable problems, while philosophical training enhances the ability to analyse issues, question received assumptions and clearly articulate understanding.

The combination provides a powerful background from which to proceed to graduate study in either mathematics or philosophy or to pursue a diverse range of careers. Historically, there have been strong links between mathematics and philosophy; logic, an important branch of both subjects, provides a natural bridge between the two, as does the Philosophy of mathematics module.

The degree is founded on the belief that the parallel study of these related disciplines can significantly enhance your understanding of each. The Philosophy Faculty is the largest in the UK, and one of the largest in the world, with more than 70 full-time members and admitting around undergraduates annually to read the various degrees involving philosophy.

Mathematician Chris McKinlay hacks OkCupid and finds his wife

A Boston math genius hacked dating website OkCupid to find his future wife in just 90 days. Unlucky-in-love Chris McKinlay developed complex algorithms and used robot profiles to systematically sift through thousands of potential lovers to find his perfect match. It worked — and the year-old is now planning his wedding to artist Christine Tien Wang. Wired reports how McKinlay was working on his Ph.

Mathematician Chris McKinlay hacked OkCupid in June and found his The dating site founded by Harvard students in matches.

Mathematician Chris McKinlay used algorithms to outsmart the algorithmic dating site and find a date, resulting in countless date requests coming at him. The bots would randomly answer questions, generating matches that revealed otherwise hidden from view information about others. His bots simulated human timing to avoid getting caught by okCupid filters.

Next he analysed the data by applying an algorithm called K-Modes, developed by Bell Labs to study diseased soybean crops. The algorithm clumps data into categories, and for the scraped okCupid data it identified seven statistically distinct groups. His preferred groups were Dog and Tattoo, mostly made up of creative professionals and young arty types respectively. To then promote himself to these groups he text-mined their data and preferred questions, to tailor two profiles of himself that closely matched, but claims he was still honest about himself, just selective and targeted.

However okCupid has a question rating system so that people are also matched on how important they think a question is. To get the ratings right McKinlay used a machine learning algorithm called Adaptive Boosting to derive and apply the best weightings. Next automation trick – getting noticed. OkCupid members are notified when someone has checked out their account, so McKinlay wrote a script to visit thousands of profiles on his behalf, making sure to cover the entirety of the groups.

The method was effective proving that people would then visit his profile in response, averaging profile views a day. Then messages and dating requests began rolling in. On date number 88 he found a partner that stuck and revealed the entire experiment with her, luckily for him she found it amusing.

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This means that online dating sites need to have the best method for matching people and this is where the mathematics comes in. Assuming an online dating site.

Mathematics Research Guide: Podcasts in Mathematics. Recommended Math Podcasts Mathematical Moments from the AMS The American Mathematical Society Mathematical Moments program promotes appreciation and understanding of the role mathematics plays in science, nature, technology, and human culture. My Favorite Theorem A podcast dedicated to sharing our guests’ favorite mathematical results. Follow us on Twitter at myfavethm. A Brief History of Mathematics Professor of Mathematics Marcus du Sautoy reveals the personalities behind the calculations and argues that mathematics is the driving force behind modern science.

Inspired by the fact that women are vast minority in higher mathematics, Women in Math: The Limit Does Not Exist serves to increase enrollment and participation of women in mathematics and STEM courses. The Secrets of Mathematics A series of talks and lectures from Oxford Mathematicians exploring the power and beauty of their subject.

All you need is maths? The man using equations to find love

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Unistats information for this course can be found at the bottom of the page there have been strong links between mathematics and philosophy; logic, an.

Are you stumped by the dating game? Never fear — Plus is here! In this article we’ll look at one of the central questions of dating: how many people should you date before settling for something a little more serious? Why is that a good strategy? You don’t want to go for the very first person who comes along, even if they are great, because someone better might turn up later. On the other hand, you don’t want to be too choosy: once you have rejected someone, you most likely won’t get them back.

It’s a question of maximising probabilities. The value of depends on your habits — perhaps you meet lots of people through dating apps, or perhaps you only meet them through close friends and work. That in itself is a tricky task, but perhaps you can come up with some system, or just use your gut feeling. Your strategy is to date of the people and then settle with the next person who is better.

Math Nerd Makes Dating Site Exponentially Better!